Jun 02

1 Less Thing To Worry About At The End Of The School Year


With the school year coming to a close, I know that many parents fret over what to do with the numerous (and odd size) school projects that their proud children bring home at the end of the year. 

The easy solution is to create a keepsake box (or four). You can make your own or buy ready made boxes. I typically prefer to make my own because all to often, the off the shelf models don’t accommodate odd size artwork.

A simple under the bed flat storage box is great for storing flat paper art projects. Let your child decorate the outside with their name and pictures of their favorite hobbies and interests. Additionally, you may want to have a more traditional bankers box to store their files of school papers, report cards, essays and books. 

If you keep your system consistent you’ll be able to pass along a great trip down memory lane when your child is an adult. After all who doesn’t have fun looking back on the simple thoughts of a 5 year old writing that “cats are nice.”

Apr 23

5 Things That Waste Your Time At Work

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Apr 18

When Being Organized Goes Terribly, Terribly Wrong

A dater kept meticulus records of his dates and dating prospects. He then made the mistake of sharing his detailed record keeping with one of his love interests via email…and now it’s being shared with you. Oy.


Apr 03


Apr 02

How to Tame Cord Confusion: Part 2

In the first part of our saga, I explained how cords snarl themselves into an unsightly tangle, and gave you some suggestions for tools to straighten out the mess. Now that you’re all prepped with your label maker (a.k.a., the best ten bucks you ever spent) we’ll look at how to stop cord confusion once and for all.

BEFORE: Behold, a tangled mess of cords behind the entertainment unit, as well as an unsightly view of the cords in the front of the unit. 

AFTER: Organizational nirvana! Neatly grouped wires in easily accessible wire encasements as seen on the back and a clean wire-free view on the front.